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  • Tammy and Jason - Langley Engagement Photography

  • Part of the reason that I love having an engagement session with a couple who's wedding I'm photographing is that it gives me a chance to get to know them and get a feel for what they're like in front of the camera. Not everyone knows what to do when they get their photo taken. Heck, I don't know [...]
  • Charmaine and Mike - Abbotsford Wedding

  • I've known Charmaine for a while, she worked at a camera store I frequented, and asked me to be the photographer for her home wedding (one might call it an elopement) in Abbotsford. It was actually pretty intimidating, because she was a photographer as well, but luckily she was (mostly) busy with t[...]
  • Looking Back at 2015 – Top 5 Details

  • Part of my favourite part of a wedding is capturing all the little details.  A wedding is made up of hundreds of little details that a bride and groom potentially spend months, or possibly years, thinking about about.  Sadly many times these go unnoticed, or blend into the overall picture. It's grea[...]
  • Should I Get A Printed Album Or Digital Prints Only?

  • Blog about one of the big decisions you need to make about your wedding photography... printed album or digital only? I go into why you would choose one or the other, and what the advantages and disadvantages are of each, and what sort of questions you need to talk to your wedding photographer abou[...]