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Small dog with bowtie on in Coquitlam wedding

Looking Back at 2015 – Top 5 Fun Photos

So I had an awesome wedding a couple of days ago (preview coming very soon!), but this time of year is normally pretty light, so here’s another set of images from looking back at 2015.  These are light, fun, or outtakes that don’t quite fit in your normal “traditional” wedding photos.

Getting “Fun” Photos

I’ve said before how much I love the getting ready side of things.  Candid photos lead to awesome moments, and when I can just blend in and be one of the girls, moments happen.  I wish I could be so clever as to set some of these up, but nope, just being in the right place at the right time (and a bit of experience to know when to anticipate what might be happening) is what I rely on.

This is why I always encourage brides to pick a package that includes the getting ready.  The more time I spend with you and the wedding party the more time there is for amazing moments to unfold.

Like this one with Amy and her flower girl from her Harrison Hot Springs Wedding.  Amy was getting her hair done and her flower girl was beside her getting her hair done and was not having a good time (something about back combing I think).  She reached out her and and held Amy’s for just a moment to get a bit of confidence and a few words of encouragement, and gave a huge smile.

Bride holding flower girl's hand in Harrison Hot Springs wedding

There are certain shots that you want to have, traditional, standing, formal portraits… shots for the grandparents.  But then there’s the fun ones, like this one from Denis and Irina’s Stanley Park wedding.  Irina said “I want something fun, not like other weddings” and proceeded to leap into Denis’s arms, throw hers up in the air, and I shot away.

Wedding party with goofy bride and groom in Stanley Park

She was a blast because she didn’t miss a moment to fake-strangle her new husband or jump in the air for joy.  Oh all right here’s one more…

Bride laughing and jumping Stanley Park

I’m not a fan of smoking, but sometimes it does make a great photo.  Like these two bridal party members from a summer Abbotsford Wedding with their cigars (it was a whole ritual setup).  I loved how the smoke looked against the background, and of course the great expressions!  Seriously though, don’t smoke, it’s bad for you, ok?

Wedding party smoking cigars in Abbotsford wedding

It wouldn’t be right to talk about Adam and Amanda’s wedding with out showing the beautiful bride and and handsome groom would it?  And what says more fun than a classic sports car, lent by a friend out near Matsqui Village where we did some of the formal photos.  For the photos in the car I had to swap who got to be in the drivers seat because, go figure, they both wanted to be in charge!

Bride and groom posing in front of classic car

Last but definitely not least is this scene that I walked in on.  I was shooting Tara and Alex’s Port Moody wedding alone and with a second shooter, so I did some jumping between the bride getting ready and the groom getting ready.  When I got to the groom’s parents apartment I set upon this scene…. Alex and his best man Raphael getting their bowties by using Youtube videos to figure it out.  In the end they got it just right.

Groom and best man tying bow ties

So there you go, some of my favourite photos from last year!

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Wedding details - high heels in front of flowers and purple dresses in Coquitlam

Looking Back at 2015 – Top 5 Details

Part of my favourite part of a wedding is capturing all the little details.  A wedding is made up of hundreds of little details that a bride and groom potentially spend months, or possibly years, thinking about about.  Sadly many times these go unnoticed, or blend into the overall picture. It’s great to get photos of the details to include with the photos or in the album to tell the full story of the day.  Here’s my top five from last year (and maybe a bonus one or two).

Wedding dress in front of window in Harrison Hot Springs in Black and White

A hall, an amazing dress, and just the right light streaming in the window combined to show of all the texture and detail in this gorgeous wedding wedding dress.

Wedding high heels in front of wedding bouquet in Harrison Hot Springs

Simple photo, showing the bride’s shoes in front of the bouquet from a Harrison Hot Springs wedding.  I love the way the light fell behind them on the wall, giving that great warm glow.

Wedding ring close up on pillow at Harrison Hot Springs

Another simple photo of the wedding rings.  I arrange them on the pillow that the adorable ring bearer walked them down the isle on not long after.

Wedding groom close up on tie in Abbotsford BC

People can be details too!  This is Adam, or at least some of him.  We were at his house in Abbotsford while he and the best man were getting ready.  This was the calm before the couple of shots of scotch as we got ready to head out for the wedding formals.

Wedding bouquet in front of dance floor in Abbotsford

Last but not least I love how this is a a detail photo of the bride’s rustic looking bouquet (and cupcake, and drink), but still tells the story of the Abbotsford reception, dancing, fun, and the beautiful bride and her daughters dancing in the background.

Bonus Images

Ok, you know I can’t just share 5…. I’m just not built that way!

Hand made celtic wedding dress detail in Coquitlam BC

This is the hand made wedding dress that Trish wore for her wedding in Coquitlam.  Made by a friend especially for the wedding, and a work of art.

Wedding details - high heels in front of flowers and purple dresses in Coquitlam

High heels, bouquet, and the dresses in the background.  All of the getting ready for a wedding in one photo!

Wedding dress hanging in doorway in Port Moody BC

Last but not least, for some reason I’m just in love with this photo of Tara’s wedding dress hanging up.  It’s simple, beautiful and feels wonderfully innocent somehow.

So that’s the latest in the Top 5 series, next week…. Top 5 most fun photos!

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Looking Back at 2015 – Top 5 Wedding Formal Photos

It’s always a good practice to look back at the previous year and think celebrate successes.  I’ve been very proud of the weddings that I was at and wanted to share my Top 5 favourite formal wedding photos from 2015.

July 18, 2015 - Amy Wood and Jason Margarit's Wedding. Photography by Alan Bailward Photography -

Beautiful Amy and her bouquet at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort.  This is one of the hottest (temperature wise) weddings I’ve done.  It was in the mid-30’s and nothing but blue sky as far as the eye could see.  The resort luckily has lots of shaded areas where I could capture the bride lost in thought for a moment. – Amy & Jason Harrison Hot Springs Wedding

2015-06-13 - Amanda Tracey and Adam Johnson's wedding

We did the formals for Adam and Amanda at Abbotsford City Hall, a lovely area in the middle of town with a park and fountain.  Lots of great times.  We shot this toward the end of the day and I thought it shows their love for each other.  The biggest thing I remember is leaving the park with the bride and groom and their small wedding party and coming through an Indian wedding which was huge (we’re talking a literal bus dropping off people).  The contrast between the two cultures was huge, but the smiles on both of the brides was the same as they greeted each other and exchanged congratulations. – Adam & Amanda Abbotsford Wedding

Tara Nykyforiak and Alex Kadim Married 11/21/2015

Alex and his best man mugging for the camera while his bride was warming up her hands behind us.  It was a November wedding and a bit cool, but that didn’t stop the smiles on both bride and groom (in fact the whole wedding party) from being huge.  This was my first time at the historic Port Moody Station Museum, and I hope to go back.  The wedding took place in a train car.  Like, inside the train car.  Super fun and I had as much fun as the bride and groom did I think. – Alex & Tara Port Moody Wedding

2015-06-13 - Amanda Tracey and Adam Johnson's wedding

I love getting a photo from an unusual angle.  Sometimes it’s more fun if you don’t tell the couple what you’re doing, and if they trust you they just go with it.  I think I just told these two to hold each other and look into each others eyes and forget about me for a moment. I went around behind her and captured this lovely moment. – Adam & Amanda Abbotsford Wedding

July 18, 2015 - Amy Wood and Jason Margarit's Wedding. Photography by Alan Bailward Photography -

Sometimes the world conspires to give you a great photo.  A combination of the great location of Harrison Hot Springs marina, a lovely couple, and an amazing sunset gave me this amazing photo.  I can’t wait to see this printed out large on a canvas and hung on the couple’s wall where it belongs! – Amy & Jason Harrison Hot Springs Wedding

So that’s my top five formal photos from 2015.  I can’t wait for the next instalment of this series!