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  • Golden Ears Park Engagement Photography - Jason and Marina

  • Jason and Marina recently moved here from eastern Canada and chose the gorgeous Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge as the location. As a native of Maple Ridge I knew that Golden Ears has a wide variety of locations to use for photography, as well as being nice and close downtown Maple Ridge[...]
  • Joe and Rachel - Pitt Lake Engagement Photography

  • If you are looking for a gorgeous place to have your engagement photo shoot, Pitt Lake in Port Coquitlam, BC, is a great place to go.  The mountains surround you on three sides, there's a quiet lake with boat launch and dock, and you really the quintessential feel of the pacific northwest.  I sugges[...]
  • Surrey Wedding Photography - Tia and Jason

  • Truth be told, this wasn't technically a wedding, but a reception.  Tia and Jason got married in Vegas a bit ago, but she came to me and told me that the photos provided at the Elvis Marriage Chapel (or something like that) were, shall we say, sub-par.  Since they were having a reception for friends[...]
  • Care and Feeding Of Your Wedding Photographer

  • So you’re going to get married, everything is setup, and now the big day is here and now you have to deal with those wild and crazy animals, the Domestic Wedding Photographer (Phōtos Overworkedicus Domesticis). Here are the five top tips for the proper care and feeding of your wedding photographer![...]