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  • Vancouver Summer Wedding - Galen and Patricia

  • The story of this lovely backyard summer wedding in rural Vancouver, for me, makes it even more fun than normal. Less than a day before I arrived I was running the Tough Mudder race in Whistler with 10 of my closest co-workers. It was over five hours of obstacles and slogging through the mud, dinn[...]
  • Golden Ears Park Engagement Photography - Jason and Marina

  • Jason and Marina recently moved here from eastern Canada and chose the gorgeous Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge as the location. As a native of Maple Ridge I knew that Golden Ears has a wide variety of locations to use for photography, as well as being nice and close downtown Maple Ridge[...]
  • Joe and Rachel - Pitt Lake Engagement Photography

  • If you are looking for a gorgeous place to have your engagement photo shoot, Pitt Lake in Port Coquitlam, BC, is a great place to go.  The mountains surround you on three sides, there's a quiet lake with boat launch and dock, and you really the quintessential feel of the pacific northwest.  I sugges[...]
  • Surrey Wedding Photography - Tia and Jason

  • Truth be told, this wasn't technically a wedding, but a reception.  Tia and Jason got married in Vegas a bit ago, but she came to me and told me that the photos provided at the Elvis Marriage Chapel (or something like that) were, shall we say, sub-par.  Since they were having a reception for friends[...]