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Tammy and Jason – Langley Engagement Photography

Engagement cowboy boot with ring on it

The Couple

I’ve known Tammy for a few years now, and shot the Headshots for her Realtor business and was honoured when her and her fiancé Jason asked me to be part of their wedding, and I knew I wanted to do something a bit special for her and Jason’s engagement.

These guys are what you might call “horse people,” and with a gorgeous barn and property not far from Langley how could I not get them in the back field against a gorgeous BC sunset.  The timing was tricky, getting the sun just right, on a day without rain, but things all lined up beautifully for us.

Engagement couple against sunset

Why Have An Engagement Session

Part of the reason that I love having an engagement session with a couple who’s wedding I’m photographing is that it gives me a chance to get to know them and get a feel for what they’re like in front of the camera.  Not everyone knows what to do when they get their photo taken.  Heck, I don’t know what to do!  Spending some time with a couple means that they can get used to how I pose them and how I get them to move around.  More importantly, I, as the photographer, get to see how you react for me.  Some people are more relaxed, some people need a bit more prompting.  I want to tailer how I work with a couple to that couple, and a couple of hours of an engagement session lets me do just that.

Engagement couple kissing in front of sunset

Luckily, a lot of the time “posing” is pretty easy.  I think for the above photo I said “kiss him!”  Pretty simple stuff 🙂

Like I said the horses are strong with this couple, so when the grey saw them kissing, he figured he ought to be involved, or at minimum get a scratch under the chin.  Make sure you view these full screen to see the full effect!

Tammy and Jason, you’re an awesome couple and I can’t wait to shoot the wedding in April!

Engagement couple hugging with him looking down at her.


Are you interested in a unique set of photos like this to celebrate your engagement?  Make sure you book a free consultation with me now!


Engagement photography by Alan Bailward -

Amy and Jason – Fort Langley Engagement

Engagement photography by Alan Bailward -

I love that as a wedding photographer I can offer engagement photography.  In fact, it’s one of the best things that I can do with a couple who I’m shooting their wedding. This is often done as an add-on for the wedding photography package and has a very specific purpose.  First, it lets you get used to working with me.  You get to see how I work, how I get you to move around, how I arrange you, and whether I’m funny, serious, or goofy (hint: it’s a little of all three!).  Mostly it makes sure that on the big day you’ve got a familiar face that you’re confident with for your wedding photography, because you’ve already spent a day with me shooting your engagement photography.

Engagement photography by Alan Bailward -

Secondly, it lets me get used to you.  Are you nervous in front of the camera?  How well do you take direction?  Do you smile naturally or do I need to crack a joke before the reaction feels natural?  All that stuff will help me immensely when I’m at your wedding and working to get the best photos in the shortest amount of time.

Engagement photography by Alan Bailward -

This is Jason and Amy.  Goofy and fun, with two of the biggest and smiles I’ve seen.  Amy was hard to get to stop smiling.  Luckily that wasn’t required today.  We wandered up and down Fort Langley‘s waterfront walk through the marine trail.  The weather was perfect and we stopped at a few different on the way.

Engagement photography by Alan Bailward -

Engagement photography by Alan Bailward -

See what I mean about the smiles? Oh, and you probably think that we ended up in the forest, far from town, but no, this was just a little bit of landscaping scenery outside of the new apartment buildings on the Fort-to-Fort trail.  The sun setting added the perfect little glint in the eye for these two lovebirds.

Engagement photography by Photographer Alan Bailward -

Engagement photography by Photographer Alan Bailward -

Engagement photography by Photographer Alan Bailward -

As the evening sun set, Amy and Jason drew their initials in a heart on the sand and watched the sun go low over the horizon.