Maple Ridge BC Wedding – Hilary and Kyle

Bride and bridesmaids toasting

Bride (in curlers) and bridesmaids toasting

Getting Ready

I never know how to start these entries, so I guess I’ll tell you the story of the day, and show you some photos.  The day started with myself and my good friend and second shooter Jeff showing up at the property on the east side of Maple Ridge.  They had the entire small guest house / studio separate from the main house and it was a bustle of activity.  Hair and makeup were there, busily helping make six gorgeous ladies look their best.

Hair and Makeup busy at work

Hair and Makeup busy at work

Bridesmaid Putting Brides Necklace on

Getting a little help with jewelry


Bride sitting in dress and veil

Sitting and looking amazing


Bride putting on earrings in mirror

Hilary getting ready

Wedding Ring Photo

I took some time to photograph the rings in between catching laughs and hilarious moments with the ladies.  Rings are one of my favourite things to photograph, and a real challenge to give each set their own unique story.  In this case I used what I thought was a table cloth (turns out it was a wrap just sitting on a table) using the window to light them.  This time I had a tripod, allowing me to get an incredibly clean photo of the rings.

Wedding bands on a blue cloth macro

Wedding bands in the sunlight

The Gents Getting Ready

While all this was going, Jeff was spending time with Kyle and his groomsmen.  It’s a rough job to be honest.  Part of being a great photographer is being able to have a genuine connection with your subjects.  As the main photographer I have several meetings with the bride and groom, and spend the majority of the day with them.  The second shooter is generally only there for the day of the wedding, and is expected to show up at what is essentially a stranger’s house and in an hour or two create a connection with them and get amazing photos.  Well, Jeff is awesome for this which is why I shoot with him whenever I can.

Groom and groomsmen in a line standing on deck

Groom and groomsmen in a line standing on deck

This is one of my favourite photos from this shoot, I’m honestly quite sad that I didn’t take it!

Groom tying tie in bathroom mirror

Groom getting ready

The Ceremony at Eighteen Pastures

The ceremony and reception are at Eighteen Pastures Golf Course, in east Maple Ridge, not far from Whonnock Lake.  My good buddy Dan lived just up from there while we were in high school and I spent a lot of time near there, and never (until pre-scouting the area) spent time there.  Funny how things work sometimes!

Groom smiling before the ceremony

Groom being not nervous at all before the ceremony


Hilary and her dad hiding before the ceremony

Hilary and her dad hiding before the ceremony

The ceremony itself was great. They said their vows in front of their friends and family and a few tears were shed.

Smiling father of the bride walking his daughter down the isle

Smiling father of the bride walking his daughter down the isle

Bride and groom holding hands at the alter

Seeing each other at the alter

Bride looking at groom over shoulder

Looking at her new groom

Groom putting ring on brides finger

"With this ring I thee wed"

Bride and groom hand in hand at the isle

Saying their vows

Groom beside bride signing wedding register

Register signing

Bride and groom walking down the isle

Walking out, man and wife


Not all weddings are perfect.  More specifically, not all wedding weather is perfect, and this was one of those times.

Groomsman holding umbrellas

Preparing for rain

However, thanks to the tents that we had up, some good timing, and a little skill with the camera, I was able to hide the rain and show the smiles and happiness that everyone had.

Bride with bouquet

Bride formal photo

Bride and groom

Bride and groom

Bride formal portrait

Bride formal portrait in black and white

Bride formal portrait

Bride formal portrait

There was a quick…. intermission lets say while the groom and groomsmen attended to some business.  And before you ask, yes they actually were.

Groomsmen and groom taking a quick break

Quick intermission

… and back to the two of them looking amazing.

Bride and groom formal photo

Bride and groom ready for their happy ever after


One thing I haven’t mentioned yet, is the way the reception was decorated.  This goes into my top ten most impressive decorating jobs ever.  Basically a full on ‘Alice down the rabbit hole’ treatment, including little ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’ signs in the cupcakes, a wacky wedding cake, moss and greenery decorating the head table, matching signs… simply a breathtaking job!

There were speeches, great food, all that good stuff, followed by the first dance.

First dance bride and groom

First dance bride and groom

First dance

Followed by what I can only describe as a multi-level, multi-style, dance montage that was performed and was truly impressive!

At the end of the night there were laughs and hugs and tears and I left the happy couple.  I'm super proud to show off these photos and to share the story of this lovely couple!

Bride groom and wedding photographer

A thorn between two roses


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