Do I Need All Day Wedding Coverage From My Photographer?

When you get engaged there is a lot of work to do.  Not only do you have all the big decisions to make (the date, the venue, the guest list) but each of those big decisions has about a hundred smaller decisions, and each of those…. it gets overwhelming fast.  One of the sub-decisions of the sub-decisions that I’ll try to help clarify here today is the question of if you need all-day photography coverage from your wedding photographer.

Many photographers offer different packages based on time or wedding parts, myself included.  This is because the amount of time doing photography directly relates to the time that the photographer will work to get those gorgeous and amazing photos to you.  A full day can easily be several thousand photos to select from and edit, compared to shooting just the ceremony or formals which would be significantly less time spent, and less cost to you, the client.

So why bother with more than just the formals then?  Get the photographer for a super low rate because they’re only there for an hour or two, get them in and out and gone?

Obviously I don’t think this is

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